Sunday, 10 November 2013

Stud me up now, darling


I'm constantly torn. I've decided I must two different aesthetics. I love bold, crisp colours, but then I can't help be drawn to these earthy tones. Gotta love my khaki. This Autumn has definitely seen me fall in love with all of the colours of a military mother nature, but that's not to say I'm running away from things being tailored. I find that this combination of grey, green and black tones plus some more tailored pieces (a la my skirt, and even my heels) works ridiculously well. My wardrobe is ready to take the casual smart trend by storm. Do watch out, darlings. 

Do you want to know the darnest thing? I got practically everything in this outfit on sale, with only the exception of the skirt. I may have got a little ahead of myself when I picked up those heels for a tenner; I was a happy bunny to say the least. I picked up the earrings for no more than a couple of quid. I shan't lie, with their triangular shape, I feared the worst: that dreaded comment of 'hipster'. But nah, I'll just call them geometric instead. The same could be said about the studs, but we can just ignore that. Yes, let's just move on.

As long as these colours stay in shops, I'm a happy child. They just work terribly well with my favourite lip colour at the moment. The cherry-plum colour I'm wearing above, and which I and practically all of my friends replicate using the same lipstick: Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in '107'. Forget wearing the same dress as your friend to an event, we regularly appear with identical lip colours... Petty to consider? Perhaps. We have never denied being shallow when it comes to outshining each other.


Georgia said...

You're brave having your legs out, weren't you freezing?! But good job on all the bargains :)

Vicki Skitt said...

Those shoes are gorgeous!
love victoriajanex

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